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17 Examples of Status Groups

 , October 05, 2022 updated on April 26, 2023
A status group is a group of people who are strongly associated with a particular social status whether that be positive or negative. This is all based on perceptions whereby people are perceived as belonging to a group and this group has strong social status attached to it. The following are illustrative examples.
Ascribed Status
Nationality, ethnicity, physical characteristics such as height
Brand Tribes
Association with a brand and the culture surrounding it.
Causes / Protest Movements
Identifying with social movements, causes, political fads
Actors, athletes, social media influencers
Corporate Power
Board of directors, CEO, executives
Members of high status families.
Association with high status institutions such as a top university.
Positions of authority / influence over others
Lifestyle Tribes
Lifestyle tribes such as minimalists.
Living in prestigious cities / neighbourhoods
Political Power
Politicians, government representatives, public administrators
Doctor, CEO, Lawyer, Judge, Scientist, Professor
Social Class
Upper Class, Bourgeoisie, Nouveau Riche, Academia
Super Culture / Subculture
Sports, recreation, music ...
Traditional Culture
Religious figures, traditional craftspeople, traditional performers
Trend Symbols
Association with the newest thing such as a fitness trend.
Wealth Symbols
Owners of expensive cars and other symbols of wealth.
Overview: Status Groups
A perceived group of people who are strongly associated with a particular social status.
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