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30 Examples of Informal Situations

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Informal situations are social situations that have few social expectations. This applies to everyday situations such as conversation or classes at school. Informal situations are still governed by norms but these norms are relaxed as to allow for some degree of freedom. They are also typically non-serious such as situations that aren't viewed as deeply meaningful or high impact. The following are common examples of informal situations.
Barbecues & picnics
Beach days
Concerts not considered high culture
Extracurricular activities
Family dinners
Fitness classes
Game nights
Going for lunch
Hanging out with friends
Heart-to-heart conversations
Informal nightlife
Informal work environments
Leisure activities
Online chats
Outdoor activities
Recreational activities
Social media interactions
Sports events
Talking to people you know well
Video game interactions
Work breaks


Informal situations are social situations that have relaxed social expectations designed to let you be yourself. The following is a basic overview of informal situations with additional examples.


Cultures can be broadly formal or informal. For example, American culture has many areas of formality but is generally less formal than Japanese culture that tends to apply more social expectations to everyday situations.
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