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52 Types of Personal Data

Personal data is any data that relates to a person. This includes data indicating identity, character, thoughts, interests, behavior, affiliations, finances, health and social interactions. A person has privacy rights such that personal data is subject to a variety of regulations and ethical practices. The following are common types of personal data.
Appearance Details (e.g. Eye Color)
Behavior Tracking
Biometric Data
Communication Records
Credit Card Numbers
Credit Report
Date of Birth
Education History
Family Tree
Financial Data
Gait Analysis
Genetic Data
Government Records (e.g. Border Control Records)
Health Data
Homeowner Status
Identification Number (e.g. Passport Number)
Legal History (e.g. Criminal Record)
Lifestyle Information
Location Tracking
Media Metadata
Personal Media (e.g. Photos & Videos)
Political Opinions
Purchase History
Ratings (e.g. of products)
Religious Beliefs
Resident Status
Sensor Data (e.g. Body Temperature)
Sexual Orientation
Signature & Handwriting
Social Behavior
Social Connections
Veteran Status
Video Recording
Voice Recording
Voice Signature
Work History
Lifestyle information includes things like diet choices such as a person who chooses to be a vegan.
Behavior tracking is a digital record of something a person does such as placing a item in a shopping cart.


It is common for a person to give up a certain amount of personal data in exchange for education, employment, products, services, memberships, travel and so forth. In these cases, individuals retain a reasonable expectation of privacy. For example, a customer who rents a hotel room may reasonably expect that there are no cameras recording them in the room whatever the terms of service of the hotel may state.
Privacy rights may be reasonably balanced with other rights and freedoms. For example, a photographer may have artistic freedom to take photos in public. Likewise, privacy rights are often limited by practical considerations such as the need for banks to know about your identity, financial history and employment before giving you a mortgage.
The types of personal data above are illustrative. Each privacy regulation, rule or standard has its own scope which doesn't always include everything above.
Overview: Personal Data Types
Any data that relates to a person.
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