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Personal information is data relating to a living person. Such data can be identifiable, meaning that it can directly or indirectly tied back to a person. Alternatively, it can be anonymized such that it is difficult to tie it to a person. The following are common types of personal information.


A person's name.


Government issued id numbers such as a passport number or vehicle license plate.


Physical address and digital addresses such as an IP address.


Contact information such as a telephone number and email address.


Birth date, age, gender, race and other biographical details.


Technical identifiers such as a service id that can be tied back to a person's name or location.

Biological Identifiers

Biological markers of an individual such as fingerprints and DNA.


Medical data such as search queries related to medical conditions or a person's medical history.


Details of any financial or commercial transactions such as salary or the amount of a purchase.


Resume, job history, performance reviews and other career related records.

Government & Institutional

Records maintained by governments and institutions such as school grades and records.


Information pertaining to a person's behavior such as a record of the websites they visit. Includes user input such as submission of data in a web form.


A record of where a person has physically been.


Photographs of a person and recordings of their voice.


Communications such as messaging, email and voice conversations.


Personal information is both sensitive and personally identifiable. This includes information that can indirectly be tied to a person such as an IP address or social media handle.
Overview: Personal Information
Definition (1)
Data relating to a living person.
Definition (2)
Data relating to a living person that can reasonably be considered personal in nature.
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