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What is Pseudonymity?

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Pseudonymity is the use of an invented name in order to establish some degree of anonymity and privacy. It is a concept that has significant history behind it. In some cases, current laws and regulations don't permit a pseudonym to be used. For example, you generally can't use a pseudonym on a driver's license.

Digital Pseudonyms

Generally speaking, users who use a pseudonym online can often be identified by the service using factors such as their IP address or mobile phone number. However, the public may not have access to such information, allowing pseudonyms to enhance privacy in a meaningful way.

Cryptography & Pseudonyms

In areas such as cryptography, pseudonymity may be used as a privacy mechanism. For example, some types of digital certificates may allow individuals to use a pseudonym if it is declared as such. Technologies such as digital currency may also use pseudonymity techniques.
Overview: Pseudonymity
The use of an invented name and other identifying information such as a user name in order to establish some degree of anonymity.
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