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98 Examples of Media Skills

Media skills are talents and knowledge areas related to design, creative production and communication. This includes diverse industry experience in areas such as entertainment, film, marketing, social media, games, technology, journalism, publishing, art and music. The following are common examples of media skills.
Art Direction
Book Design
Brand Engagement
Brand Narrative
Color Theory
Communication Design
Computer Animation & 3D Animation
Concept Art
Content Curation
Costume Design for Media Production
Creative Vision
Customer Experience
Data Visualization
Digital Design
Digital Experience
Digital Marketing
Drawing / Sketching
Editorial Design
Environmental Graphics
Exhibition Design
Film Direction
Film Production
Font Creation
Game Design
Game Programming
Graphic Design
Human Factors in Design
Information Architecture
Interaction Design
Lighting Design
Logo Design
Makeup Design for Media Productions
Media Analysis
Media Campaigns
Media Research
Media Strategy
Media Voice & Tone
Message Framing
Mobile App Design
Mobile App Development
Motion Graphics
Music Composition
Music Mastering
Music Production
Music Theory
Music Writing
Musical Instruments
Naming - e.g. brand names
New Media
Performance Art - e.g. dance
Photo Editing
Photography Direction
Print Design
Production Casting
Public Speaking
Set Design
Social Media
Sound Design
Sound Editing
Sound Effects
Sound Mixing
Sound Recording
Special Effects
Style Guides
User Experience (UX)
Verbal Communication
Video Editing
Video Production
Virtual Environment Design
Visual Branding
Visual Communication
Visual Composition
Visual Effects (VFX)
Visual Identity
Visual Narratives
Voice Acting
Web Design
Web Development


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