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40 Examples of Economic Opportunity

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Economic opportunity is support from a society that gives an individual the chance to thrive in an economic system. This can be separated from the talent, motivation and self-discipline of an individual whereby some people with many opportunities will fail to thrive and others with little opportunity will overcome adversity to thrive nonetheless. The following are common examples of economic opportunities.
Access to Financing
Access to Markets
Access to Technology
Citizenship & Resident Status
Cultural Capital
Economic Freedoms
Economic Growth
Economic Stability
Fair Competition
Family Stability
Financial Literacy
Free Time
Freedom from Discrimination
Health & Wellness
Institutional Support
Learning Experiences
Licenses, Permits & Certifications
Low Corruption & Cronyism
Low Red Tape
Low Tax Burden
Political Stability
Quality of Life
Relational Capital
Role Models
Social Infrastructure
Social Status
Training Programs
Work Experience
Workers Rights
Working Conditions
Workplace Safety


Cultural capital is the ability to influence others. This results from social opportunities in a culture. For example, if you grow up as a member of the upper class, you may understand their norms and more easily influence them.
Economic freedom is the ability to pursue a profession or business without excessive restrictions. For example, the freedom to start a business without facing excessive taxation or red tape.
Fair competition relates to government prevention of anti-competitive practices whereby large incumbents in an industry use their position in aggressive ways towards smaller competitors.
Any advantages in life are also economic opportunities. For example, the luck of being born into a wealthy family or nation. Conversely, poverty makes it much more difficult to get an education and advance.
Free time is time that you can dispose of as you see fit. For example, a young person who has to care for a ailing family member may have less economic opportunity than a peer who has ample free time.
Relational capital is who you know. For example, family connections often help individuals with regards to education, jobs and business. This is far more common in a society with high cronyism.
Institutional support includes support from family or other institutions such as a school.
Learning experiences include things like going to a museum or camping whereby you can learn through experience.
Social status is the reputation of an individual and the institutions with which they can associate their name. For example, a degree from a high status university or work experience with a well known firm.
Role models include family members and peers that act as an inspiration in some way.


Economic opportunities are the freedoms and access to resources, institutions, industries and infrastructure required to pursue an economic goal such a business or profession. This relates to general conditions such as a thriving and growing economy and to the specific conditions of an individual's life such as a lack of adversity.


The following are common types of economic opportunity.

Economic Opportunity

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