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44 Examples of Career Growth

Career growth is progression in an individual's professional life. This includes advancement such as a promotion, salary increase, career change or a new job that represents a step forward. Career growth can also include anything that you do to improve as a professional, build relationships and develop in your current role. The following are common examples of career growth.
Improved performance
Leadership roles
Management roles
Increased authority
Increased budget
Managing bigger teams
Generating more revenue
Managing larger customer accounts
Closing larger sales deals
Managing more complex projects
Influencing upper management
Changing careers
Moving to a larger or more prestigious firm
Moving to a higher position in a new job
Being mentored
Completing education
Improving work quality
Increasing work throughput
Professional certifications
Acquiring skills and knowledge
Building professional relationships
Public speaking experience
Advising senior management
Initiating changes, improvements, projects and programs
Strategic planning experience
Joining working groups and committees
Appointment as a successor to your boss
Being selected for internal training and development programs
Experience with cross-functional collaboration
International work experience
Industry experience such as working in different business units in a bank
Becoming more vocal and visible in your role
Negotiation experience
High profile work assignments
Transitioning to more business critical roles or teams
Being selected for leadership development initiatives at your firm
Being selected for skip level meetings with upper management
Delivering action items for executives
Building relationships across your industry
Building relationships with important clients and partners
Growing out your role to higher value or more interesting work
Making yourself indispensable by assuming a critical and hard to fill role
In some cases, an individual will take the initiative to expand their role long before they receive a promotion or formal recognition of their advancement. This is characteristic of people who are destined for big things such that they may skip up many levels in their work before ever getting a promotion. In a large organization, such work does typically get rewarded and their promotion, when it does arrive, may be significant.
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