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50 Examples of Important Strengths

 , August 04, 2022 updated on June 07, 2023
Important strengths are foundational character traits that allow an individual to thrive. These include traits that help an individual to live according to their intentions and to achieve personal, social and professional goals. Important strengths can be viewed as a balance whereby excessive strengths are potentially a weakness. The following are illustrative examples.
DiligentNegligentPerfectionist / Controlling
OptimismPessimismDelusional / Toxic Positivity
Critical ThinkingNaivetyCynicism / Negativism
Open-mindedClose-mindedView From Nowhere
AcceptingIntolerantEnabling Poor Behavior
Big Picture ThinkingNarrow ThinkingMagical Thinking
Risk TakingRisk AvoidingUncalculated Risk Taking
SocialAntisocialPresumptuous / Forward / Impudent
Gritty / ResilientSensitive / FragileCold / Unfeeling
Challenging AssumptionsUnthinking / CompliantArgumentative / Combative
PersistentUncommitted / YieldingRelentless
DecisiveIndecisiveOverconfident / Inflexible
CaringApatheticOverinvolvement / Dramatic
ImaginativeUnimaginativeDetached / Absurd
KindUnkind / Mean SpiritedSycophancy / Spoiling / Flattery / Indulging Others / False Hope
LoyaltyDisloyaltyBlind Obedience
OrganizedDisorganizedRigid / Inefficient
RationalIrrationalCold Logic / Calculating
Enterprising / MotivatedUnmotivatedOpportunistic
Agent of Change / PioneeringResistant to ChangeExtreme / Excessive
RespectfulDisrespectfulDocile / Rigid
CooperativeUncooperativeDependent / Lack of Self-Efficacy
ForgivingResentful / VengefulPermissive
Open / Communicative / CandidSecretiveUnabashed
InfluencingVoicelessAttention Seeking
LeadershipSubordinate / PliantControlling / Authoritarian / Power Hungry / Overly Political / Micromanaging
IndependentDependentAloof / Disconnected / Uninvolved / Disengaged / Anomie
Independent Thinking Impressionable / GullibleStubborn / Inflexible / Remote
LogicalBiased / Overemotional / IrrationalUnemotional / Cold Logic / Overanalytical / Excluded Middle
EmotionalUnfeelingMelodramatic / Irrational
Calm / Cool / CollectedShort-temperedDispassionate
PassionateDispassionateFanatical / Overzealous
InspiredUninspiredIdealistic / Unpractical / Starry-eyed
PracticalUnpracticalAustere / Severe / Harsh
This is roughly based on the classical approach to virtue whereby virtues were viewed as a middle path between lack and excess.
A view from nowhere is an attempt to be open-minded and objective that goes too far. For example, false balance whereby you present well-accepted theories and obscure opinions as being equally valid.
Excluded middle is a system of logic that only handles true and false such that it fails to consider grey areas.
Cold logic is logic that neglects human factors or the human experience.
Anomie is a state of disconnection from society and culture.

Important Strengths

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