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30 Examples of Career Advancement

Career advancement is upward movement in your career that aligns to your goals in areas such as compensation, authority, influence, position, reputation, social status, career fulfillment and general happiness in areas such as work-life balance. The most obvious career advancements are promotions or being hired at a new company with a higher job title. However, there are many more subtle forms of advancement that can be extremely valuable such as a salesperson who is assigned to large opportunities and clients. The following are illustrative examples of career advancement.
Career changes
Salary increases
Gaining a more prestigious job title
Moving to a more prestigious firm
Taking on leadership roles
Assignment to high profile work
Taking on larger deals and opportunities
Recognition and awards
Being mentored by someone in a high position
Expanded authority
Expanded budget
Managing larger teams
Managing larger projects
Expanded role with more responsibilities
Increased influence
Gaining professional qualifications
Being selected for leadership development programs
Being appointed as a successor for a high profile role
Transitioning to a team that has much influence and authority
Gaining professional reputation such that you are often influencing leadership
Building important professional relationships
Being appointed to a board or governance position
Being appointed to an important committee or working group
Being given an expanded mandate
Reporting to higher level individuals
Working closely with executives
Being assigned to manage important customers or partners
High profile work assignments such as public speaking at a conference
Becoming a trusted advisor of a powerful and influential executive
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