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3 Examples of a Work Transition Plan

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A work transition plan is a plan for an employee to take on a new role or set of responsibilities. This can be prepared for a promotion or career change such as moving to a new department. Work transitions can be done to cover the role of departing employees, employees who are going on an extended leave or reducing their hours. The following are common examples of a work transition plan with a template for each.


A succession process that includes knowledge transfer and support between a departing employee and the person who will take on their role.

Work Transition Plan

Employee Transitioning
Chris Wood

Audrey Wilson

Transition Start Date
July 1, 2030

Transition Completion Date
September 30, 2030

Transition Plan
Completion Date
Transition Communication
Inform the entire department of the transition including an outline of the transition dates.
July 15, 2030
Transition Meeting
Discuss what information, training and activities will be required. Achieve agreement and sign-off from all stakeholders.
July 15, 2030
Knowledge Transfer
Knowledge transfer and training sessions that prepare the successor for their new role.
September 15, 2030
Transition Sign-off
All parties agree the transition has been completed with a formal sign-off process.
September 20, 2030

Career Change

An employee who is advancing in their career but must first wrap up their existing commitments. For example, an engineer who is transitioning to the sales team.

Role Transition Plan

Employee Name
Joan Johnson

Transition Period
April 15, 2030 ~ July 30, 2030

Current Role
Systems Developer

New Role
Sales Associate

Career Goals
Work closer with customers to help them succeed with our products.

Business Need
Product and technology knowledge on the sales team.

Transition Schedule
Wrap Up Project Work
Wrap up all commitments to current projects and complete all deliverables.
April 15 to May 30
Performance Review
Complete final performance review for current role.
June 15
Attend Sales Training
Attend a two week intensive sales workshop for new sales people.

May 14 - May 29
Sales Experience
Work as a sales engineer to support presentations to customers.
April 15 - July 30

Business Need

A transition that is initiated by a business for reasons such as mergers, acquisitions, organizational changes or business expansion. For example, a hotel manager assigned to a secondment in a foreign country for a year to open a new location who needs to transition their current role.

Transition Plan: Secondment

Marsha Smith

Current Role
General Manager, Hawaii ____ Resort

Secondment Role
General Manager, Singapore ____

Term of Secondment
November 1st, 2030 - December 31st, 2031

Interim Successor
May Lee

Transition Plan
Marsha Smith to fully document everything that the interim successor will need to know to take over the role.
March 1 - March 30
Job Shadowing
May Lee to shadow Marsha Smith for a period of three months.
April 1 - June 30
Early Transition
May Lee to take over as General Manager with the full onsite support of Marsha Smith for a period of three months.

September 1 - November 30
Ongoing Support
Marsha Smith to be available from the secondment location for extraordinary questions or problems.

Types of Work Transition

The following are common situations that can be considered a work transition.
Employee resignation
Employee initiated career change
Maternity or paternity leave
Extended employee leave
Project handovers
Leadership changes
Mergers & acquisitions
In-sourcing work that was handled by partners
Outsourcing work
Reorganizing job roles
Organizational changes
New processes & systems
New products & services
New business units
New locations
New facilities
International expansion
Shifting staff to high priority projects and operations
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