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20 Examples of Physical Technology

 , December 12, 2019
Physical technology is technology that is tangible such that it physically exists. This is a relatively new term that is used to differentiate between technologies that are mostly intangible code and data from those that are mostly physical. Information technology is an industry centered around software that has become so large that it is practically synonymous with technology. In this context, the term physical technology can be used to denote technologies that are more than software. The following are illustrative examples.


The physical manifestations of information technology such as computers, memory, data storage, sensors and networking devices.


Machines such as an industrial drill on a production line.


Advanced materials such as translucent concrete or carbon fiber reinforced plastic.


Energy infrastructure such as solar panels.


Transportation infrastructure such as a high speed maglev train.


Safety equipment such as a tuned mass damper that makes a large building more resilient to earthquakes.

Assistive Technology

Technologies that help people with disabilities or the elderly. These are often physical technologies such as a prosthetic limb.


Biotechnology such as a medicine.

Consumer Technology

Devices that are sold primarily to individuals such as a smart phone or television.


Robots are machines that are autonomous or semi-autonomous meaning that they can interact with the world on their own.


Vehicles such as an electronic bicycle.

Heavy Equipment

Large machines used in heavy industry, construction, mining, agriculture and other industries. For example, a crane used to construct buildings and infrastructure.

Architectural Technology

Architectural technology such as a heating cooling and ventilation system.


Instruments such as a DNA analyzer used in a science lab.


Devices that create physical manifestations of digital models such as a paper or 3d printer.

Internet of Things

Internet of things is the practice of putting computers that are connected to the internet into every imaginable type of physical product. For example, a refrigerator that is connected to the internet such that it can regularly upgrade its software.


Modern fashion can often be viewed as a technology. For example, fashions made with advanced materials that are lighter and warmer than traditional materials.

Low Tech

Technology that is far behind the state of the art that may nonetheless be preferred by consumers and businesses. Low technology may be specifically designed to remove advanced features. For example, a mechanical watch that doesn't contain a computer that is preferred by consumers who want a traditional timepiece.


A broad term for any technology less than 100 nanometers. For example, most work on farms may one day be accomplished by quadrillions of nanobots that work together as swarms.


Technology related to space infrastructure and exploration such as satellites or spacecraft.
Overview: Physical Technology
Technology that is tangible such that it physically exists.
Used to differentiate between technologies that physically exist and those that are purely code and data.
Tangible Product
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