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Cyborg Technology vs Human Interfaces

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Cyborgs are humans that have been physically integrated with computing power and other machinery. A human interface is a tool that a human uses without being physically integrated with it.
It is often proposed that we are all cyborgs because modern people commonly use technologies that affect the way that we think or that are an extension of our experience or thought processes. However, there is a real difference between using technology and being physically unified with it.


Cyborg-like technology is used in medical devices to restore natural human functions. For example, brain implants show promise in treating non-congenital blindness.
It is also possible that cyborg technology will be used to enhance human abilities. This is controversial and therefore its future legality is in question. Cyborg enhancement represents an existential risk because it may spark a competitive race whereby people feel they have to become cyborg to compete at school or work. This competition has potential to drive humans to become increasingly robotic with time until humanity essentially no longer exists.

Human Interfaces

Human interfaces are tools that humans use to interact with technologies that may extend our thought processes and expand our experiences. However, they are physically separate.
Immersive human interfaces are a potential alternative to actual physical integration of human and machine.
Cyborg Technology vs Human Interfaces
Cyborg Technology
Human Interfaces
Physical integration of human with computing power and machinery.
Tools that people use to interact with technology.
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