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4 Examples of Legacy Data

Legacy data is data that is old and difficult to use. This originates from legacy systems, old media and documents such as spreadsheets developed by business units. Legacy data does not include old data that is well structured and maintained such that is can be easily imported or directly used by new systems. The following are illustrative examples of legacy data.
A sales team maintains copious amounts of customer data in a spreadsheet over a period of 10 years. They suddenly request that this data be imported into sales systems after a series of information security incidents whereby this document leaked. The spreadsheet is inaccurate, inconsistent, out of date and poorly structured but is nonetheless critical information that needs to be migrated, maintained, accessed and used.
A 40 year old mainframe manufacturing system uses an extremely complex proprietary data model that a manufacturing firm must migrated to a modern ERP. Data is reasonably high quality but the structure varies significantly from the data model of the new ERP product.
A weather service needs to model historical weather patterns in a region and requires data collected and stored on tape between the 1960s and 1970s. These use antiquated file systems and formats that are not supported by any current technologies. In addition, the tapes are in a state of decay with significant data rot. However, duplicate backup copies exist such that there is some hope of retrieving the data.
A newspaper seeks to digitize its historical articles that are only available on microfiche. A project is initiated to scan these documents and store them as text in a relational database.
Overview: Legacy Data
Data that is old and difficult to use.
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