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7 Examples of Edge Computing

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Edge computing is geographically distributed computing that performs processing from the best location available for each task or request. It is typically based on cloud technologies. Edge computing is a means of horizontally scaling work, reducing latency and making services, systems and applications more resilient. The following are illustrative examples of edge computing.


A backend service for a mobile app is run from 20 data centers geographically distributed to be close to population centers. When a user opens the app they receive data updates and services from the data center closest to them.


A video website serves videos from a content delivery network to reduce latency. They also run code from each edge of the content delivery network to speed the delivery of digital advertising.

Software as a Service

A business application running on cloud infrastructure is run from 12 data centers with users connecting to the one closest to them.

Internet of Things

A smart window firm monitors windows for errors, weather information, maintenance needs and performance. This generates a massive stream of data as each device is regularly reporting information. Edge services filter this information and report a summary back to a centralized service that is running from the firm's primary data centers. By summarizing information before reporting it, global bandwidth consumption is reduced by 99%.


An ecommerce company delivers images and static web content from a content delivery network. They also perform processing at edge data centers to quickly calculate product recommendations for customers.


A hedge fund pays an expensive premium for servers that are in close proximity to various stock exchanges to achieve extremely low latency trading. Trading algorithms are deployed on these machines. These servers are expensive and resource constrained. As such, they connect back to a cloud service for processing support.


A game platform executes certain real time elements of the game experience on edge servers near the user. The edges connect to a cloud backend for support processing. The backend is run from three regions that need not be close to the end-user.
Overview: Edge Computing
Geographically distributed computing that performs processing from the best location available for each task or request.
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