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Internet Of Things Guide

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The internet of things is the integration of computing, networking and sensors into things that were previously unconnected. It is a long term technology trend that is driven by the availability of cheap computer processors, sensors and networking techniques such as wifi and 5th generation mobile networks. The internet of things can make everyday objects "smarter" but also involves a number of security and privacy issues. The following are technologies, techniques and issues related to internet of things.
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Embedded System

The definition of embedded system with examples.


A few examples of telemetry.

Pervasive Computing

An overview of pervasive computing.


A list of common sensors used in electronics, vehicles, robotics, infrastructure, smart cities and everyday items.

Context Awareness

The common types of context awareness.

Proximity Awareness

The definition of proximity awareness with examples.

IoT vs Embedded Systems

The difference between IoT and embedded systems.


Examples of how technology disrupted societies, economies, industries and culture.

Technology Forces

A list of forces that shape technology in the long run.

Types Of Technology

A list of the major types of technology.

Architectural Technology

A list of common architectural technologies.

Autonomous Technology

A definition of autonomous technology with examples.

Consumer Technology

A definition of consumer technology with examples.


A definition of modernization with examples.

Optical Fiber

A list of optical fiber applications.

Technological Change

A definition of technological change with examples.
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