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28 Examples of Software as a Service

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Software as a service, or SaaS, is software that is hosted, managed, maintained, secured, operated and supported by a vendor. It is typically deployed using a cloud computing model and accessed using a web browser or mobile app. The following are illustrative examples of software as a service.

Office Productivity

Tools for developing and sharing knowledge such as document creation.


Creativity platforms such as tools for illustration and photo editing.

Media & Content

Tools for publishing media and content such as a blogging platform.

Document Storage

Cloud document storage services that allow users to backup data and access it from multiple devices.


Communications such as an email service that can be accessed with a web browser and mobile app.


Tools for organizing and communicating knowledge such as a content management system.


Data services such as a navigation app.


Software that visualizes data in a way that is meaningful to users.


Marketing systems such as a digital advertising platform or social media marketing tool.


Finance tools such as an accounting platform.


Payment services such as an invoicing and collections tool for freelancers.

Point of Purchase

Replacing electronic cash registers with web-based software for retail locations that can be used with a mobile device such as a tablet.


Sales tools such as a customer relationship management or sales force automation platform.


Procurement software that manages processes such as request for proposal and supplier report cards.

Human Resources

Human resource management software such as a skills inventory tool.

Project Management

Project planning tools.

Professional Tools

Software that supports the work of a profession such as a design tool for architects.


Healthcare systems such as patient records.


Education tools such as digital twins that allows students to experience history, technology, engineering, space and nature in realistic detail from the classroom.


Software that creates a two-sided market such as an auction website.


Operations software such as a service management platform that is used to operate IT services.

Customer Service

Customer service tools such as an application for call center agents.


A game that can be played from a web browser without installing anything.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence such as a machine learning platform or natural language processing service.


Automation such as an event processing or batch job platform.


Orchestration of tasks that involve both automated and human steps.

Information Security

Information security tools such as encryption keys management and identity & access management.

Internet of Things

Software that manages or extends the functionality of physical things. For example, a platform that manages solar panel installations to automate tasks such as cleaning.
Overview: Software as a Service
Software that is hosted, managed, maintained, secured, operated and supported by a vendor.
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