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Confidential Information

18 Examples of Cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity is the protection of computing resources from unauthorized access, use, modification, misdirection or disruption. The following are illustrative examples.


Encrypting data in storage, transit and use.


Securely identifying people and digital entities.


Defining and implementing privileges for computing resources.

Network Security

Securing networks with techniques such as a network perimeter.


Running untrusted software in a virtual environment where it can do no harm.

Internal Controls

Internal controls such as the requirement that different people write code, review the code and launch it into production.

Security by Design

Architecting and designing systems, applications and infrastructure to be secure.

Secure Coding

A series of principles and practices for developing code that is free of security vulnerabilities.

Secure Testing

Testing cycles designed to discover security vulnerabilities.

Defense in Depth

The principle that each layer of security doesn't assume anything. For example, an application that doesn't assume that a firewall has prevented external access.

Physical Security

Physical security such as a data center with access controls.

Audit Trail

Logging that records interactions with systems, applications, databases and infrastructure such that malicious activity can be detected and reconstructed.

Defensive Computing

Users who are aware of cybersecurity and are careful in their use of technology.


The ability to prove that a commercial transaction took place.

Security Infrastructure

Foundational tools that offer security services such as a virus scanner or intrusion detection system.


Monitoring systems, applications and infrastructure and promptly investigating suspicious activity.

Vulnerability Management

Tracking known vulnerabilities to software and hardware and applying fixes in a timely manner.

Response to Breaches

Defending your services, resources and data from an attack.
Overview: Cybersecurity
The protection of computing resources from unauthorized access, use, modification, misdirection or disruption.
Also Known As
Cyber Security
Computer Security
Information Security
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