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Strong Culture vs Weak Culture

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A strong culture is a set of habits, norms, expectations, traditions, symbols, values and techniques that greatly influences the behavior of its members.
A weak culture is a culture that is individualistic whereby norms, symbols and traditions have little impact on behavior.


A culture is group of individuals who identify with each other based on things like nationality, ethnicity, city, neighborhood, organization, team, beliefs, hobbies and passions. Cultures emerge through the shared experiences of members and can't be dictated from above.

Strong vs Weak

All cultures sit somewhere on a scale from strong to weak. A strong culture can motive people with a sense of shared purpose. It creates group harmony as it makes it easier for individuals to get along by conforming to common norms.
A weak culture serves as a loose reference for members without it influencing their behavior much. As such, a weak culture resembles a collection of individuals.

Weak Cultures

Weak cultures can be problematic as people feel no sense of common purpose or values. It can be difficult to communicate, make decisions, get along and be productive when everyone has a completely different approach and view of everything.

The Darkside of Strong Culture

A strong culture with negative traits isn't a good thing. For example, a firm that suffers from extreme hubris and indifference to the customer may be destined to fail if this tendency becomes completely normal and expected across the entire organization.
It is also possible for a strong culture with completely positive traits to produce negative results. For example, a culture where literally everyone embraces radical and constant change could probably benefit from a few individuals who can champion stability and risk management.

The Bright Side of Strong Culture

A strong culture allows people to get along and feel motivated as they enjoy a common sense of norms, values and direction. As long as this doesn't crush freedom of speech and intellectual diversity, this can produce positive results.
Strong Culture vs Weak Culture
Strong Culture
Weak Culture
A culture that strongly influences the behavior of members.
A culture that serves as a reference for members without influencing behavior.
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Group conformity
Group harmony
Common purpose


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