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12 Examples of International Economics

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International economics is the science of modeling commercial exchanges between nations. Economies are increasingly interdependent due to the process of globalization. As such, it is common to model economic measures such as growth at the global level. The following are common examples of topics in international economics.


International trade in goods and services.

Comparative Advantage

Goods that a nation can produce at a lower opportunity cost than other nations.

Gains From Trade

The idea that all nations benefit from trade by focusing on their unique comparative advantages. For example, if a nation is good at producing coffee but is terrible at producing solar panels, they benefit from exporting coffee and importing solar panels.

International Finance

The flow of capital over borders. For example, the ability of an investor in the United States to invest in a company in Germany.


Modeling exchange rates and their impact on things such as inflation, growth and employment.

Monetary Policy

The interest rate and money creation policies of nations and economic unions. For example, a competitive devaluation whereby two nations print money to decrease the price of their currency to make their home industries more competitive abroad.

Financial Stability

The resilience of the global financial system to stresses such as the collapse of a large speculative bubble.

International Relations

The international political economy including trade agreements, economic cooperation and trade wars.


Cooperation to preserve common goods for future generations.


The migration of people including international competition for skilled labor.


Barriers to fair competition such as monopolies.


Intellectual property rights and international competition to advance in areas such as technology and quality of life.
Overview: International Economics
The science of modeling commercial exchanges between nations.
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