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19 Examples of Financial Outcomes

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Financial outcomes are results that can be measured in terms of money. These are commonly used as estimates, forecasts, goals and as evaluations of current and past performance. The following are common examples of financial outcomes.
Asset Value
Capital Efficiency
Cash Flow
Company Value
Cost Per Outcome
Cost Reduction
Debt Reduction
Earnings Per Share
Investment Value
Return on Investment
Revenue Growth
Tax Efficiency
Tax Revenue


Financial outcomes should not be used as the exclusive of measure of all human things. For example, it would be cold to measure the impact of a disaster that costs lives purely in terms of its financial cost.


Financial outcomes include incoming money such as revenue and outgoing money such as cost. They can also include running totals that are generated by these things such as wealth, savings and debt. A third category of financial outcomes are financial metrics such as growth rate or return on investment.
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