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65 Examples of Media Issues

Media issues are contentious topics of debate related to mass communication. These are perceived problems and risks related to media and social media. Media issues can also include the impact of media on politics, quality of life and society in general. The following are examples of media issues.
Advertising Ethics (e.g. advertising to children on television)
Age Appropriate Content
Agenda Setting (control of what makes the news)
Algorithmic Bias (e.g. banning content in a biased way)
Argument Culture
Attention Seeking Behaviors
Attention Span (e.g. the effect of social media based on short content that is consumed quickly)
Bots / Social Bots
Bullying / Cyberbullying
Celebrity Culture / Celebrity Worship Syndrome
Cherrypicking (out of context data to support a position)
Concentration of Media Ownership / Media Consolidation
Correlation Equals Causation (assuming one thing causes another based on correlated data)
Deplatforming (e.g. banning entire ideologies or political viewpoints)
Digital Footprint (data left behind by online activities)
Digital Narcissism
Dogpiling (social media users suddenly ganging up on someone)
Dumbing Down (oversimplifying complex issues)
Fake News
False Balance
False Dichotomy (e.g. us vs them)
Filter Bubbles
Free Speech
Government Influence Over Media
Government Ownership of Media
Image / Video Manipulation
Information Security (e.g. data leaks)
Internet Crime / Online Safety
Internet Vigilantism
Labeling (labeling people or issues with charged language to stigmatize them)
Low Productivity / Excessive Media Consumption
Low Quality Journalism
Mandatory Fees for Media (e.g. television licence fee)
Media / Social Media Addiction
Media Biases
Media Cronyism (e.g. inappropriate influence of politicians or corporations)
Media Literacy
Media Monopolies
Media Transparency
Moral Panics
News Deserts (areas that lack local news / content)
Online Shaming
Out of Context Information
Oversharing (posting private information to the public)
Partisan Bias
Paywalls / Democratic Access to News, Research and Information
Permanent Record (the persistence of information posted to internet such as a post you regret)
Privacy / Surveillance
Proof by Example (statistically insignificant example used as proof)
Public Confidence in Media (e.g. declining confidence in large media outlets)
Trolling / Flaming

Media Issues

This is the complete list of articles we have written about media issues.
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