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Operational analysis is the process of measuring and evaluating the core processes and activities of an organization. This can also involve planning operational improvements such as addressing gaps in processes. Operational analysis includes the analysis of processes, costs, performance and quality as follows.

Process Analysis

The systematic examination of the processes or lack of processes within an organization including elements such as automation, workflows and data. The goal of process analysis is often to measure processes, identify gaps and plan improvements.

Cost Analysis

The measurement and evaluation of operational costs. Cost analysis will often focus on unit costs, cost of goods sold, transaction costs or inventory related costs.

Performance Analysis

Performance analysis is the measurement, reporting and evaluation of operational performance including metrics, key performance indicators and benchmarking.

Quality Analysis

Quality analysis in areas such as customer advocacy, quality requirements, quality processes, quality control, quality audits and investigating the root cause of quality issues.


Operational analysis is the practice of measuring, evaluating and planning the core value generating processes and activities of an organization. This focuses on performance, cost and quality.
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