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46 Examples of Marketing Experience

Marketing experience is a history of working in any area of marketing including product development, promotion, customer experience and sales. Any role that directly interfaces with customers can be also considered marketing experience. Likewise, experiences in areas such as design, influencing and data analysis may be heavily relevant to marketing. The following are illustrative examples of marketing experience.
Providing customer service
Sales experience
Upselling and cross-selling
Writing marketing copy
Running a small business
Social media experience
Media production experience such as podcasting
Influencer partnerships
Promotional experience
Pricing products and services
Market research
Competitive analysis
Customer analysis
Audience analysis
Experience with digital advertising and marketing
Customer advocacy
Visual design such as logos
User experience design such as mobile apps
Crafting press releases
Developing products
Generating and qualifying leads
Creating content
Building customer relationships
Developing or managing a brand
Organizing events
Promoting events
Community engagement roles
Crafting sales collaterals such as brochures
Writing emails to customers
Handling customer complaints
Recovering from customer dissatisfaction
Optimizing a conversion rate
Measuring and reporting marketing KPIs
Data analytics experience
Data analysis and data science
Experience building and sustaining relationships
Industry experience and connections
Presentations and public speaking
Negotiating deals
Product related experience and knowledge
Entertainment industry experience
Media experience such as journalism
Writing and storytelling experience
Experience with political campaigns
Experience with marketing and sales technologies
Social experience and being a highly social person
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