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28 Examples of Brand Development

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Brand development is the process of creating a new brand or improving an existing brand. This is an extended process that can touch upon your purpose, values, visual identity, environments, communications, product designs, corporate culture and customer experience. The following are common examples of what can be included in brand development.
Mission & vision
Market research
Target audience
Competitive analysis
Brand positioning
Brand differentiation
Brand strategy
Brand identity
Visual branding
Brand name
Brand storytelling and messaging
Brand promise
Brand voice and tone
Brand guidelines
Brand promotion
Establishing brand recognition, awareness and image
Customer experience
Brand loyalty
Brand measurement & optimization

Visual Identity

Developing a unique visual personality for a brand in a crowded market. This is typically captured in a document known as brand guidelines that is used to align visual identity across everything a firm does. The following are common elements of visual identity.
Design guidelines
Taglines and slogans
Trade dress
Typical brand development deliverables include brand strategies, brand guidelines, brand designs, brand collaterals and elements of visual branding such as logo design.
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