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9 Types of Cross Merchandising

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Cross merchandising is the placement of goods from different categories together. It is typically designed to increase sales and improve customer experience by making it easy to find things. The following are common types of cross merchandising.


Things that act as substitutes such as raisins displayed in the fresh fruit section.

Complementary Items

Things that work together such as batteries and toys.


Something that completely stands out may sell well because it gets noticed. Supermarkets in Canada have had some success selling hockey sticks in the winter placed in food aisles.

Popular Items

Placing popular items, such as a best selling book, in multiple places.


Themed sections such as healthy snacks that include things from different categories such as dairy and vegetables.


Things that are a corporate priority such as applications for a store credit card may be placed next to popular items.

Impulse Items

Things that people commonly buy on a whim such as candy may be placed at high traffic locations and at the check out.


Ecommerce sites often track which items are frequently purchased together and display them as recommendations.


Displaying things in close proximity as an a/b test.
Overview: Cross Merchandising
The placement of goods from different categories together.
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