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Operational outcomes are measures of the real world results of your core value generating processes. These can differ by industry but measure the efficiency, speed, quality, compliance and value generation of processes and systems. The following are common operational metrics.
Budget Variance
Change Lead Time
Change Success Rate
Change Throughput
Changeover Time
Compliance Rate
Cost Per Unit
Customer Complaints
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Service Resolution Rates
Cycle Time
Defect Rates
Employee Productivity
Energy Efficiency
Error Rates
Forecast Accuracy
Incident Rates
Inventory Stockouts
Inventory Turnover
Lead Time
Mean Time to Repair
Operating Cost
Problem Resolution Rate
Process Efficiency
Resource Utilization
Response Time
Return Rate
Revenue Per Employee
Safety Incidents
Schedule Variance
Security Incidents
Supplier Performance
Units Processed per Hour
Waste Reduction


Operational outcomes are measures of the real world performance, financial and market results of your core processes.


Operational outcomes are measures of real world business execution such as a manufacturing process, IT service or service delivery process. The following are common examples of operational outcomes.
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