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26 Examples of Work Management

Work management is the process of planning and coordinating work to achieve business goals and productivity. This can involve management supervision, prioritization, direction and issue clearing. Work management can also make use of automation and workflows that assign tasks to a workforce and provide support such as data to complete these tasks. The following are common examples of work management.
Process flow
Task prioritization
Decision support systems
Decision making
Approval flow
Task scheduling
Resource planning
Work automation and workflow
Task assignment
Delegation of authority
Standard operating procedures
Task procedures
Task checklists
Task tools and data support
Knowledge support
Knowledge capture
Task monitoring
Task reporting
Escalation of issues
Issue clearing
Performance measurement
Performance management
Performance feedback
Metrics, KPIs and reporting
Continuous improvement
Customer feedback and advocacy
Work management can be viewed as a foundational process that can be applied to any industry, business or department.
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