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Quality analysis is the systematic examination of the value produced by an organization and obstructions to that value such as incidents, problems, defects and customer dissatisfaction. This is a broad practice that may examine processes, controls, culture, suppliers, customer feedback and indicators of quality such as complaints, reviews and returns. Quality analysis produces metrics, benchmarks and prioritized corrective and preventive actions that can be taken to improve quality.

Quality Planning

Developing quality planning artifacts such as quality policy.

Quality Objectives

Identifying the quality related goals of a product, service, process, business or an organization as a whole.

Quality Standards

Identifying, developing and monitoring compliance to quality related standards.

Quality Performance

Developing, calculating, monitoring and reporting quality metrics.

Quality Benchmarking

Benchmarking quality against competitors or best known results.

Quality Culture

Evaluation of quality culture with recommendations in areas such as quality awareness, communication and training.

Feedback Analysis

Analysis of ratings, reviews, customer satisfaction and other quality related feedback.

Complaints & Returns

Analysis of customer complaints, returns, cancellations and other customer-related indicators of quality problems.

Quality Requirements

Identifying customer pain points and translating these into requirements for change.

Incident Analysis

Investigation of incidents and issues that have impacted quality.

Problem Analysis

Investigation of ongoing problems.

Root Cause Analysis

Identifying the root cause of problems.

Corrective Action

Evaluating solutions and recommending corrective actions to fix the root cause of problems.

Preventive Action

Identifying actions that can be taken to improve quality and avoid future problems.

Supplier Analysis

Monitoring and reporting the quality of supplier provided materials, parts, components, supplies, consulting, projects and services.

Process Analysis

Evaluating and improving the quality of processes.

Gap Analysis

Documenting the current state of team culture, processes, procedures and practices to identify things that can be improved.

Pareto Analysis

Developing a prioritization of corrective and preventive actions based the Pareto principle and the idea that 20% of improvements produce 80% of value.

Quality Control Analysis

Analysis of the quality control process such as defect rate.

Cost of Quality

Calculating and reporting cost of quality.

Statistical Process Control

Using statistics to monitor and control process variations.

Risk Analysis

Identification of quality risks and analysis of their probability and impact.

Quality Audits

Auditing compliance to policies, processes, procedures and standards.

Continuous Improvement

Continually documenting and prioritizing things that can be done to improve the quality of products, services, processes and practices.
Overview: Quality Analysis
The systematic examination of the value produced by an organization and obstructions to that value such as incidents, problems, defects and customer dissatisfaction.
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