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36 Examples of Personal Accountability

 , August 17, 2022
Personal accountability is the practice of taking responsibility for your actions and decisions. This relates to your professional roles such as a job, social roles such as parenting and the standards of behavior that you set for yourself. Personal accountability includes both the diligence to avoid failures and the practice of dealing with failure in a honest and constructive way. The following are illustrative examples of personal accountability.
A sense of agency and self-efficacy whereby you recognize that you are responsible for your own results in life.
Accepting action items and duties that are reasonable requests.
Accepting fair criticism and using it to improve.
Accepting the things that are beyond your control and working on the things that are within your control.
Admitting to mistakes, failures and weaknesses.
Apologizing when you have failed someone.
Applying the appropriate level of diligence and care to your responsibilities
Atoning for wrong doing.
Avoiding false hope -- being somewhat realistic in your plans and goals.
Being hands-on / diving into the details of your work.
Being more forgiving of others than you are of yourself.
Challenging approaches that are wrong, even if it makes you unpopular.
Closely monitoring delegated work to manage problems.
Communicating failures to those impacted.
Communicating honestly and candidly.
Ensuring that failures and mistakes aren't repeated.
Examining your own faults without delusional thinking.
Identifying and managing risks to your efforts.
Leaders and managers who don't blame lower level employees for failures.
Leaders who manage low performers in their team.
Never complaining.
Never making an excuse when there is a role that you could have played in making things better.
Never saying yes to things that can't be done or that shouldn't be done.
Not blaming external factors such as luck for your failures.
Recognizing failure and admitting to it in a timely fashion.
Recognizing the broader social and environmental impacts of your actions.
Setting high expectations of yourself.
Taking ownership of your work.
Taking responsibility for things you didn't do but should have.
The ability to make and keep promises.
The grit and resilience to face difficulties where they should be faced.
Using failures to drive improvement.
Working to fulfil the responsibilities of a role.
Working to overcome bad habits.
Working to quickly identify and manage issues.
Working to turn failures around.


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