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12 Examples of IT Planning

IT planning is the process of working out how you will achieve information technology goals. This includes both short term and long term planning exercises of both limited and expansive scope. The following are illustrative examples of IT planning.
A manufacturer develops a 5-year IT strategy to support a 5-year business transformation plan. The strategy identifies the systems, processes and infrastructure that are required to transform to a new production model.
The Chief architect of a Telecom company develops a 5-year IT blueprint that essentially pitches big ideas for architectural transformation at the firm. The plan has almost no chance of actually being implemented in full but changes the direction of the firm towards cheaper, faster and more scalable platforms.
The CIO of an ecommerce company submits an annual budget plan each year for review. This includes proposed capex and opex spending such as projects requested by business units, projects sponsored by IT and operational budgets for IT services and systems. The budget undergoes a process of review each year whereby spending is prioritized and scaled back to amounts approved by the CFO.
As part of annual IT budget planning at an ecommerce company business units and IT teams submit business cases that essentially pitch each spending proposal with return on investment estimates.
A firm establishes a program to migrate its core sales systems, processes and data to a new platform. A program manager develops a 3-year roadmap for this change including several transitional stages where sales will operate using both legacy systems and the new platform.
An IT project manager develops a project plan for delivering a mobile payback calculation tool for sales teams in the field.
An IT risk management process develops a risk management plan that outlines how high priority risks will be reduced. For example, a plan is introduced to systematize data that has been historically managed in a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet represents an information security vulnerability due to its portable format whereby it could be easily emailed or otherwise copied outside the organization.
The manager of billing systems at a finance company develops a service continuity plan that identifies an architecture that will allow billing processes to run in the event of a disaster or political event that disrupts several key facilities.
The CIO of a telecom company sponsors a gap analysis to look at the firm's current billing process and how this might be improved. This produces a series of proposals for improving billing systems, workflows and business processes.
An IT director develops a IT capability analysis for all major systems at a firm whereby the capabilities of each system are measured in areas such as maintainability, compliance, audit trail, internal controls and so forth. This identifies major shortfalls of several systems and a plan of action to address these weaknesses.
An IT manager develops a resource and competency development plan that identifies the steps that need to be taken to begin developing new AI services. This includes the definition of new roles and training that is required for team members.
An airline's revenue management system has experienced a series of extended outages and a DevOps team develop an action plan to resolve the root cause of the problem.
Overview: IT Planning
The process of planning how you will achieve information technology goals.
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