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21 Types of IT Objectives

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Information technology objectives are technology targets that contribute to business goals. The following are common types of IT objective.


Automating work to reduce cost and improve efficiency and productivity.


Getting things working together to reduce risk and improve things such as customer experience.


Giving employees tools that improves their work quality and productivity.


Allowing people to work anywhere with mobile devices and tools such as apps.

Business Processes

Improving business processes in areas such as efficiency and risk reduction. Business processes are often semi-automated with techniques such as workflow.


Processing commercial transactions.


Providing self-service tools for customers and employees.


Identifying and handling business events such as patterns in trading that may be a compliance risk.


Developing an optimized set of steps for solving business problems.


Providing customers, employees and partners with timely and reliable access to information.


Data related objectives such as data quality initiatives that improve process execution, decision making and products.


Tools and services that support the communications of an organization including business processes such as public relations.


Foundational elements such as networks that support a wide range of processes and tools.


Data centers and other technology facilities that provide essential services such as computing.

Information Security

Preventing unauthorized access, use, deletion, change or interruption of information and information services.

Service Quality

Objectives related to the quality of IT services such as availability.

User Experience

Providing tools and processes that are pleasing and productive to use.


Providing measurements, calculations, metrics, benchmarks and reports in support of strategy and operations.

Experiments & Optimization

Tools and automation that allow business experiments to be conducted and things to be optimized.


Implementing controls such as segregation of duties.

Risk Management

Identifying, analyzing and treating IT risks.
Overview: IT Objectives
Technology targets that contribute to business goals.
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