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What is a Capability Rate?

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A capability rate is class of metrics that are used to measure the technical capabilities of business entities such as processes, products and customers. They are used to measure business-technology alignment factors such as whether a product is set up for billing or customer relationship management.


A capability rate metric can be constructed with any combination of a business entity and a technology capability.
Business Entities
Technology Capabilities
Products, Customers, Processes ...
Automation, reporting, dashboards, knowledge management, audit trail, billing, customer relationship management, self service ...
The resulting metrics provide a view of technical capabilities of departments, teams, processes and products.
Overview: Capability Rate
A class of metrics that indicate the current technical capabilities of business units, processes and products.
Visibility into business-technology alignment, risk, quality, compliance and productivity issues.
78% of products are available on our ecommerce channel
42% of processes are security managed
87% of processes have an audit trail
56% of key operations processes are semi-automated
67% of customers use our website
76% of our salespeople actively use our customer relationship management platform
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