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9 Examples of a Double-Barreled Question

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A double-barreled question is a question designed to mislead or influence by connecting two things that are unrelated. The term has a negative connotation and is often considered a political trick.
Should the government create jobs and cancel unfair trade agreements?

Did you finish your work before your boss fired you for always being late?

Are you going to finish your homework and clean your room?

Do you support lower taxes and subsidies for farmers?

Do you think we should improve customer satisfaction and charge higher prices?

Don't you think we should fire Mr. Smith and increase revenue to improve results?

Do you think we should protect freedom of speech by banning books that are harmful?

Do you think we should invest more to help veterans get good civilian jobs and purchase more ships for the Navy?

Do you agree with paying teachers more and banning homework assignments?
Overview: Double Barreled Question
A question designed to mislead by unfairly connecting multiple things and requesting a single answer.
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