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44 Examples of Communication Quality

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Communication quality is the value produced by communication. This can be evaluated for any type of communication whether it be written, verbal, non-verbal or visual. Communication quality can be evaluated in terms of the audience's response and feedback. It is also common to gauge communication quality in terms of achieving a goal such as closing a sale or teaching a concept. The following are common examples of communication quality.
Appropriate tone
Appropriate use of plain language
Appropriate use of empathy & sympathy
Audience perceptions and ratings
Being cooperative and collaborative
Being diplomatic
Being open to ideas
Being respectful
Building on the ideas of others
Clarity of message
Conformance to norms of communication such as not interrupting
Correct grammar and spelling
Cultural competence
Directness and candor
Effective body language
Effective eye contact
Effective length of communication – not too short or long
Effective use of humor
Effectiveness of visual communication
Emotional impact of message or argument
Engaging the audience
Establishing rapport
Explains things well – the audience understands
Following up and actioning feedback
Handling criticism well
Interaction and feedback – two-way communication with audience
Listening comprehension
Listening with intent to understand
Message framing – message is structured to achieve its goal
Message is targeted to audience
Negotiation effectiveness
Personal presence
Persuasiveness of message or argument
Posture and gestures
Professionalism in communication – communicating with profession language and demeanor
Reflecting on communication and working to improve it
Sound quality
Speaking quality
Timeliness of communication
Transparency – lack of needless secrecy
Well articulated ideas
Writing quality
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