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7 Elements of Program Evaluation

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A program evaluation is an assessment of the results of a program to date, its current state and future risks. It's standard practice to evaluate ongoing programs on a regular basis to determine if funding will continue or if changes to program approach or management structure are required. The following are common elements of program evaluation.


How stakeholders perceive the program and its impact.


The realized benefits and overall impact of the program. This may include a comparison to planned benefits such as a business case.


Financial management and controls. This may focus on variance from planned budget and cost/benefit analysis.


The effectiveness of risk management and review of issues and unintended consequences. A review of current risks may be relevant to deciding the future of a program.


The quality of deliverables and services including tangible things such as reliability and intangible factors such as usability.


Delivery to committed dates.


Analysis of gaps, root causes and an action plan to correct problems.
Overview: Program Evaluation
An assessment of the results of a program to date, its current state and future risks.
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