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7 Definitions of Humble

Humble is a widely misunderstood word because it can have negative connotations but is also viewed as a valuable character strength. The following are basic definitions of humble that are all correct from different perspectives and for use in different contexts.
1. A lack of arrogance, self-absorbed thinking and self-praise.
He had a humble and steady confidence.
2. A sense of gratitude for the role others played in your success.
He humbly accepted the award.
3. To realize that your small role in things.
He was humbled by the absurd size and momentum of the city.
4. To realize that others have strengths far beyond your own in some area.
She was humbled by the kindness of her grandmother.
5. To experience a crushing loss, defeat or set-back.
Brazil was humbled by Germany in the second half of the game.
6. Insignificant or low ranking.
In my humble opinion.
7. Not costly or luxurious.
Welcome to my humble abode.


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