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Things about you are stories or facts that you can convey about yourself. These are commonly used to introduce yourself to others and as a topic of conversation when you are just getting to know others. It is also common for people to directly put you on the spot by asking you to say something "interesting" about yourself. As such, it can be good to be prepared. The following are common things that might be "interesting" about you.
A commonly known thing that you didn't know.
A time you got in trouble.
Artistic talents
Childhood dreams (e.g. what you wanted to be when you grew up).
Compelling / dramatic stories about your life.
Cooking experiences
Creative talents
Creative works (e.g. published a book)
Cultural experiences (e.g. organizing a dance festival)
Disadvantages / Adversity
Disappointments / Things you learned
Diy projects
Dreams / Goals / Vision for your life
Epic experiences
Experiences living abroad
Failures / How you recovered
Favorite animals / Pet related stories
Favorite art + why
Favorite color + interesting story
Favorite film / series / director / actor
Favorite food
Favorite season + why
Fears / Fears you've overcome
Funny stories about your life
Inspirational moments / Sudden realizations
Languages you speak
Leadership experiences
Likes + interesting story
Mental abilities
Musical talents
Musical tastes
Passions / Obsessions
People you know
People you've helped
People you've met (i.e. interesting story -- avoid name dropping)
Personal quirks
Physical abilities
Problem's you've solved
Recreational activities
School experiences
Sense of humor
Sense of imagination
Skills you've mastered
Social life
Sports you play
Sports you watch / Teams you support
Style / Fashion sense
Subculture pursuits (e.g. cosplay)
The people who helped you / Stories of gratitude
Things you'd do differently
Things you've lost
Times you surprised yourself / the people who know you
Times you were brave
Traditions you follow
Travel experiences
Unusual talents
Values (e.g. a story about how much you value your independence)
Volunteer experiences
Ways you've changed
Work experiences

Specific Example

A good answer to the question of "what is interesting about you?" could be humble and mildly humorous but also communicate something noble about you.
In high school I tried to make the cross country team three times and three times I failed. They must have liked my persistence though, because when the star runner broke their ankle at the start of a season, the coach invited me to join. I'd like to say that I went on to win championships for the school but that wasn't the case. However, it became a great experience for me as I enjoyed being part of the team and eventually improved from placing around 30th to placing in the top 10 in several races.

Things to Avoid

Generally speaking, its not particularly compelling to state things that you like -- even if these things are somewhat unusual. Perhaps the biggest thing to avoid is to say anything negative such as things you dislike or to tell a story that demonstrates a serious character flaw such as dishonesty ... unless the story goes on to say that you learned or changed. Avoid cliches such as "my friends would describe me as ___."


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