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118 Examples of Purpose

Purpose is the reason that something is done. This includes the life purpose of a person whereby an individual has a reason or "a why" in their life. It is also possible for organizations, teams and social groups to have a purpose such as the mission of corporation. The following are illustrative examples of purpose.
Accepting Others
Accumulating Social / Economic Power
Achieving a Vision for the Future
Advancing an Industry / Technology / Profession
Aesthetic Experience / Experience of Beauty
Becoming Optimistic
Becoming Pragmatic
Becoming Resilient
Behaving Well
Being Yourself / Authenticity / Keeping It Real
Being a Good Person / Morals
Building Up Others
Building a Business
Building and Sustaining Generational Wealth
Caring / Kindness
Comfort / Convenience / Mediocrity
Conservation / Animal Welfare
Creating Joy Around You
Creating Opportunities For Others
Creating Value / Contributing to the World
Creative Expression
Credentialism / Pursuit of Titles and Credentials
Credibility - becoming a person others believe and follow
Cultivating Positive Personality Traits
Cultural Life
Developing Emotional Depth
Developing Grit
Developing Personal Strengths
Development of Confidence
Doing Good As You See It
Earning a Living
Epic Experience
Fitting In / Social Acceptance / Social Inclusion
Forgiveness & Redemption
Freedom / Living Free
Fulfilling Your Role In Things
Happiness / Pursuit of Happiness
Health & Wellness
Helping People
Influencing the Direction of Humanity
Language / Cultural Immersion
Learning / Pursuit of Knowledge
Life Experience
Lifestyle / Quality of Life
Living Up To Professional Ethics
Living in the Moment
Making an Idea Reality
Making the World a Better Place
Manners & Politeness
Mastery of a Profession / Meaningful Career
Mastery of a Talent
Meeting New People
Overcoming Fears
Overcoming a Bad Habit
Overcoming a Negative Trait (e.g. becoming less judgemental)
Overcoming a Problem
Overcoming the Past / Living in Present
Participating In Your Community
Peace & Reconciliation
Personal Expression
Personal Growth
Personal Presence / Social Skills
Physical Fitness
Pleasure / Self-indulgence
Pursuing Curiosity
Pursuing a Hobby
Pursuit of Adventure
Pursuit of Control, Order and Stability
Pursuit of Curiosity
Pursuit of Dreams
Pursuit of Imagination
Pursuit of Style
Pursuit of the Past / Nostalgia
Reading / Literature
Recognition & Awards
Respect - becoming a person others respect
Safety & Security
Sanity / Maintaining a Healthy Outlook and Perspective
Saving the Environment
Schadenfreude - Joy At the Misery of Others
Searching For Answers
Self-actualization - a catch-all for reaching your fullest potential whatever that may be
Sense of Wonder / Gratitude for Life's Mysteries
Simple Living
Social Status
The Journey -- the process of life as the purpose
Tradition / Connection With Past
Travel Experiences
Wealth / Income
Winning Competitions
Winning Debates / Political Battles

Purpose vs Goal

A purpose is why you are doing something. A goal is something that you would like to achieve. For example, a student's purpose may be to have a meaningful and rewarding career some day. In this context, a goal might be passing a test or acceptance into a university.

Overlap Between Purpose and Goals

There is much overlap between purpose and goals because the purpose of one person can be the goal of another. For example, you could have a goal to make money for some purpose such as supporting your family. Alternatively, making money could be your purpose in life.


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