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30 Examples of Loyalty

Loyalty is the virtue of being true to duty and others. You can be loyal to a person, team, organization, institution or nation. It is also possible to be loyal to a principle, ideal or mission. Loyalty is viewed as a compelling and admirable element of human nature. The following are illustrative examples of loyalty.
A German who always cheers for German teams in the Olympics.
A boyfriend who never speaks poorly of his girlfriend.
A company that retains employees through a difficult recession.
A dog who protects their owner.
A father who remains proud of his son through both his successes and failures.
A father who sacrifices things he'd like to buy to provide more for his family.
A friend who speaks to you with sincerity such that they never say something behind your back that they wouldn't say to you directly.
A job candidate who is loyal to their principles such that they will not accept a position with a firm they view as morally questionable.
A journalist who is loyal to journalistic integrity over promoting their own agenda.
A manager who defends one of their team members from unreasonable criticism or demands.
A manager who is loyal to their CEO such that they try to support their strategy and mission without pursuing a personal agenda.
A mayor who is loyal to their city such that they are truly trying to make it a better place.
A parent who offers their children unconditional love and always tries to do what's best for them.
A politician who remains loyal to their party in an important vote.
A soccer player who tries hard to win a game for their team.
A soldier with a strong sense of patriotism.
A son who moves to live closer to his aging parents to help them out when they need it.
A spouse who supports their partner when they are out of work.
A spy who doesn't give up any information when they are captured.
A student who is loyal to their studies because they have a mission to succeed in life.
An activist who is loyal to a cause.
An employee who is loyal to their morals when asked to do something unethical.
An employee who will not divulge confidential information such as trade secrets to a competitor.
An employee who works many years at a company and always tries to represent the company's interests.
An individual who defends their neighborhood when it is unfairly criticized out of a sense of community loyalty.
Caring for your spouse when they become ill.
Defending a friend from a bully.
Helping your siblings when they fall on hard times.
Parents who try to support their children's choices even when they don't understand them.
Remaining supportive of a friend who becomes sick.

Dual Loyalty

Dual loyalty is when loyalty conflicts. For example, a father who has to choose between solving an urgent problem at work and attending their child's concert. Dual loyalty is a classic type of tragedy that often makes appearances in film and fiction.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty or brand loyalty is a marketing term for customers who regularly purchase or always purchase a particular type of good from a company. This isn't true loyalty as a customer has no duty towards a brand.

Poetic License

Strictly speaking, loyalty relates to duty such as your duty as a spouse, parent, friend or employee. However, the term is often used with much poetic license. For example, you could say that someone is loyal to their routine or to their old blue hat.
Overview: Loyalty
Definition (1)
The virtue of being true to duty.
Definition (2)
The virtue of being true to others.
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