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4 Types of Data Degradation

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Data degradation is a reduction in data quality that occurs over time. Generally speaking, all digital data becomes degraded with time due to entropy. The following are common examples:


Errors in processing. For example, a processor that generates an incorrect calculation as it encrypts a file. This can occur due to physical stresses on a CPU such as heat.


Transfer of data over networks or between local devices can result in loss. For example, the process of transferring a backup file from one location to another may result in a data discrepancy due to a network problem.

Read / Write

Errors that occur during read / write operations on a data storage device.


Data can be damaged while it lies dormant on a data storage device. All devices age and become less reliable with time. For example, background radiation that is present everywhere is known to damage data in storage.


Data degradation refers to low level errors of hardware and software. Data quality issues due to business processes and security aren't typically considered data degradation.
Overview: Data Degradation
Accidental physical and logical damage to data that occurs over time due to factors such as the error rates of devices.
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