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18 Examples of Transactional Data

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Transactional data is information that documents an exchange, agreement or transfer that occurs between organizations and/or individuals. It is a special category of data as transactions typically have commercial and legal significance. The following are common examples of transactional data.


Purchases by a customer.


A record that a customer returned an item that was accepted as returned by the seller.


A bill for products or services.


A payment towards a purchase or debt.


Funds are added to an account. For example, an ecommerce site credits a customer's account for a returned item.


Funds are removed from an account. For example, a bank customer withdraws money from their account.


A trade that occurs on a market such as a stock market.


A company distributes funds to its shareholders.

Asset Sales

Sale/purchase of an asset such as land.


Parties agree to a contract. For example, a customer loans money from a bank or purchases life insurance.


A bank applies an interest charge on a loan.


An organization pays an employee for work.


A library lends a book to a patron.


A hotel accepts a reservation for a room.


A customer joins an ecommerce site.


A customer subscribes to a service.

Contractual Fees & Penalties

A library assesses a fee for a late book and applies it to a patron's account.


An individual donates funds to a charity.
Overview: Transactional Data
Information that documents an exchange, agreement or transfer between parties.
As an accounting term, transactions only include exchanges that involve money.
As a business term, transactions can potentially include any agreement or exchange of commercial or legal significance.
As a technical term, transactions are a special type of database operation.
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