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7 Types of Machine Data

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Machine data is data that is generated by machines without human involvement. It is an important category of data as machines create more far data than do people. The following are common types of machine data.


Sensors are devices that detect physical phenomena such as light and sound and turn it into streams of data. For example, video of a street corner or temperature readings from a part in a machine.


Data that is calculated from other data. For example, an algorithm that calculates a risk estimate for an investment based on market data.


Algorithms and artificial intelligence that attempt to predict the future. For example, a robot that attempts to predict the near future direction of pedestrians as it walks down the street.


Automated tasks that create data such as events, controls or commands. For example, a manufacturing control system may issue commands to a conveyor belt and create a status log.


Data about other data such as a timestamp that is added to event data.

Decisions & Interpretations

Machine decisions such as an algorithm that decides to approve a customer's application for credit.


Machines may generate transactions that have commercial and legal significance for the organization that owns the machine. For example, a machine may decide to execute a stock trade for a financial institution based on rules in an algorithm.
Overview: Machine Data
Data that is generated by machines without human involvement.
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