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7 Examples of Data Uncertainty

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Data uncertainty is the degree to which data is inaccurate, imprecise, untrusted and unknown. The following are illustrative examples.


Sources that are difficult to trust. For example, a data provider that is known for its low quality data.

Data Lineage

Uncertainty as to where data came from or how it was calculated.


Noise such as inaccurate posts in social media or information posted by bots.


Abnormalities such as two trusted sources that report different values for the same thing.

Inherent Uncertainty

Calculated values such as probabilities that are inherently uncertain. Generally speaking, complex systems can't be predicted with certainty.


A measurement of 1.2 inches for an engineering calculation that requires greater precision such as 1.2000103 inches.


Unclear data such as natural language filled with vague statements.
Overview: Data Uncertainty
The degree to which data is inaccurate, imprecise, untrusted and unknown.
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