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6 Examples of Data Variety

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Data variety is the diversity of data in a data collection or problem space. It is considered a fundamental aspect of data complexity along with data volume, velocity and veracity. The following are common examples of data variety.


A variety of data formats such as different types of database or file. For example, an organization might have data stored in dozens of database formats.


A variety of data models and data types. For example, an organization might have hundreds of databases each with its own unique data model.

Unstructured Data

Data that isn't specifically structured to be read by machine.

Natural Language

A natural language such as French exhibits a great deal of variety as there are a large number of ways to say the same thing. This is difficult for machines to understand. For example, a machine might view a sarcastic statement as being positive when the meaning is negative.


Media such as audio, video and photos exhibit extreme variety.

Complex Systems

Observations of complex systems. For example, a self driving car navigating a city must deal with the great variety of things that can occur such as spontaneous events.
Overview: Data Variety
The diversity of data in a data collection or problem space.
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