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40 Examples of Information Assurance

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Information assurance is the practice of managing risks related to information and information processing. This is a broad function that touches on IT risk management, security awareness & culture, architecture, infrastructure, operations, development, compliance, physical security, information security planning, testing and incident response. As such, this is the top level umbrella term for information security that addresses information security at the organizational level. The following are examples of information assurance functions.
Develop information security standards, policies and procedures.
Conduct IT risk assessments.
Conduct vulnerability testing.
Monitor networks and systems.
Respond to security incidents.
Manage access controls.
Manage authorization and authentication.
Monitor internal controls related to information security e.g. processes for granting system access.
Conduct security awareness training.
Support information security audits.
Manage information security infrastructure.
Manage information security platforms.
Set encryption policies and standards.
Perform penetration testing.
Develop and maintain security incident response plans.
Monitor security events and alerts.
Achieve compliance with information security regulations and standards.
Conduct forensic investigations.
Procurement of security consulting, services, systems and infrastructure.
Manage security vendors and service providers.
Conduct physical security assessments.
Develop threat intelligence.
Oversee patch management and vulnerability intelligence.
Develop and maintain security architecture.
Perform security reviews of products and vendors.
Security reporting and metrics.
Manage security-related documentation.
Achieve and maintain information security certifications.
Develop and maintain system security plans.
Conduct information system security assessments and validations.
Develop contingency plans.
Develop business continuity plans.
Develop security test plans.
Deliver security requirements analysis.
Deliver cryptographic and key management solutions.
Manage and operate secure cryptographic platforms.
Monitor and protect sensitive information on networks, platforms, systems and documents.
Develop and implement secure development processes.
Develop, implement and monitor secure maintenance processes.
Coordinate information security efforts across the risk management, architecture, operations and development levels.
The following is our guide to information security first-principles:
Audit Trail
Canary Trap
Confidential Information
Critical Infrastructure
Cryptographic Keys
Cryptographic Salt
Cybersecurity Risk
Data Breach
Data Remanence
Data Room
Data Security
Deep Magic
Defense In Depth
Digital Identity
Failure Of Imagination
Incident Response
IoT Security
Key Stretching
Network Security
Operations Security
Overlay Network
Password Entropy
Password Fatigue
Proof Of Work
Secure Code Review
Security As A Service
Security Controls
More ...
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