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What is Need To Know?

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Need to know is the practice of defending extremely sensitive secrets by restricting access to those who require the information in their work. According to need to know restrictions, those who have the authority to access information aren't allowed to access it unless they can demonstrate a valid purpose.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Two firms engaged in merger talks typically keep the information need to know. For example, they may hold offsite meetings that only involve the absolute minimum of executives, subject matter experts and financial advisors who are required.

Trade Secrets

Formulas, designs and techniques that a firm views as valuable trade secrets may be deemed need to know.

Classified Information

Governments typically implement a system of rules, regulations and procedures for handling classified information that may include oversight bodies. Ideally, such information is eventually declassified and made available to the public to improve trust in the government.
Overview: Need To Know
Restricting access to sensitive information to those who need it in their work.
Applying need to know involves a great deal of overhead. Opening as much knowledge as possible to employees stimulates organizational productivity and innovation.
For compliance reasons, corporate governance bodies and government regulators are typically considered need to know.
The leader of an organization always has a need to know.
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