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70 Examples of Design Management

Design management is the direction and control of design practices. This includes the management of design firms, design teams and design functions within organizations. Design management applies to any type of design such as product, service, industrial or visual design. The following are common examples of design management functions.
Branding / Brand Image / Brand Experience
Business Analysis
Business Cases
Business Development
Client Management
Concept Development / Design Concepts
Corporate Identity
Creative Direction / Artistic Direction
Critical Design / Speculative design
Customer Experience Design
Design Analysis
Design Asset Management / Digital Asset Management
Design Benchmarks
Design Culture
Design Documentation
Design Experiments
Design Languages
Design Methodologies
Design Metrics
Design Partnerships
Design Patterns
Design Philosophy
Design Planning
Design Principles
Design Processes (e.g. iterative design / parallel design)
Design Proposals
Design Prototypes
Design Quality
Design Testing
Design Values
Engineering Management / Engineering Design
Human Factors
Industrial Design
Intellectual Property
Knowledge Management
Look & Feel
Market Research
Procurement / Sourcing
Product / Service Customization
Product Design
Product Development
Project Management
Quality Assurance
Reliability Engineering
Requirements Gathering
Research & Development
Sensory Design / Research
Service Design
Stakeholder Management
Structural Design
Style Guides
Sustainable Design / Circular Economy
Team Culture
Trade Dress
Trade Secrets
Universal Design / Accessibility
User / Customer Testing
User Personas
Visual Design / Research

Design Management

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Design Analysis
Design Culture
Design Management
Design Philosophy
Design Principles
Design Quality
Design Services
Design Testing
Design To Cost
Human Factors
Industrial Design
Market Research
Service Design
Team Culture
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