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15 Types of Customization

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Customization is the production of a product or service that is tailored for an individual. This includes mass customization at scale and individual pursuits such as DIY hobbyists who redesign baseline products. The following are common types of customization.

Mass Customization

A food company allows customers to formulate their own breakfast cereal. The cereal can be produced on a high volume production line that adds ingredients to customer specifications at the unit level.

Job Production

A technology company designs and builds an industrial robot from customer requirements.

Batch Production

A candy manufacturer produces a batch of candy that features a customer's corporate logo.


An airline manufacturer offers custom configurations of seats for differing requirements such as budget short distance flights versus international carriers with three classes of service.

Design for Customization

Toys based on a platform of exchangeable parts that allow toys to be constructed from instructions or the imagination.


A hotel makes a bed with extra firm pillows for a customer who prefers them that way.

User Interfaces

A mobile device allows users to configure and create skins for its user interface.


A tour company offers customized tours in a remote region.

Customer Service

A bank provides customers with a local personal representative. The representative's name appears on statements, apps and the banks transactional website. The customer can call or schedule an appointment with the representative whenever they have a question or concern.


An IT consulting company writes software to customer requirements.

Haute Couture

A dressmaker designs a dress for a customer and occasion.


Gamers design their own levels in a popular game. The game developer explicitly allows mods in their license agreement and releases a tool for developing levels.


Modification and custom styling of automobiles is a significant industry on a global basis.

Design Tools

A manufacturer of eyeglass frames provides customers with a tool to design their own frames. The frames are produced by a mass production process.


Diy hobbyists who produce their own custom items from purchased materials, parts and components.
Overview: Customization
The production of a unique product or service.
A competitive advantage that allows a firm to serve different markets and customers.
Unique items tend to be more valuable to customers.
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