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38 Examples of a Design Business

A design business is a profit-seeking enterprise that creates non-obvious things that involve a creative step known as design. These are based on a handful of business models such as consulting, business services, freelancing, service provider and product marketing. Design businesses span a great variety of design including digital design and design of physical environments. The following are common types of design business.
Advertising Design / Promotion Design
Book Design
Brand Design
Commercial Art
Creative Campaigns
Data Visualization
Design Consulting
Design Events / Conferences
Design Schools / Training
Editorial Design
Environment Design
Exhibition Design
Fashion Design
Film / Motion Graphics
Game Design
Graphic Design
Icon Design
Immersive Experience Design
Industrial Design
Interior Design
Landscape Design
Logo Design / Corporate Identity / Visual Identity
Merchandising / Retail Design / Store Window Design
Mobile App Development
Packaging Design
Photo Editing
Print Design
Product Design
Product Marketing (design, produce and sell your own products)
Publishing Design
Style Guides / Design Assets
Typographic Design
User Experience Design (UX)
Visual Effects (VFX) / Special Effects (SFX)
Web Design

Design Business

This is the complete list of articles we have written about design business.
Commercial Art
Design Business
Digital Design
Game Design
Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Product Design
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